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2019 Showdown In The Valley Show Winners
Award Winner
Best Of Show (Casino Pick) Casey Coates - 1959 Chevy Corvette Roadster
Best Car Rick Farber - 1963 Buick Riviera
Best Truck Tom Devlin - 1956 Chevy Cameo
Best Motorcycle Bob Hartline - 2014 Indian Chief Vintage
Best Of Class 39 & Older Jeff Breault - 1928 Pierce Arrow
Best Of Class 40-54 Greg Rau - 1940 Buick 90 Limited
Best Of Class 55-69 Steve & Sally Moore - 1956 Chevy Sedan Delivery
Best Of Class 70-89 Ron & Marie Kuhel - 1973 Dodge Challenger
Best Of Class 90-Newer Ben Windholz - 2010 Chevy Camaro SS/RS
Best Of Class Bike Larry Raple - 2006 Suzuki Hayabusa
Best Engine John Noeller - 1923 Ford T-Bucket
Best Engineered Jim & Shelby Doty - 1958 Chevy Apache 3100
Best Interior Ron Moore - 1955 Chevy 210 Delivery
Best Paint Greg Wilson - 1936 Chevy Pickup

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    Feb 2020

    LLatest info on The House Bill in Topeka:

    View this email in your browser

    Emergency Update:
    Kansas Classic Vehicle Owners we need your help! We just received a call tonight and found out the Bill will be on the House Floor tomorrow morning. The Representatives will be working the Bill and will be listening to ideas and suggestions from other Representatives. We’ve been told that we have quite a few Representatives that are tossing up the idea of increasing the fees and having mileage restrictions for Antique Vehicle Drivers. We need to start pushing back and make Kansas a more friendly Antique Vehicles State. Vintage Vehicles pay taxes on parts, upkeep/maintenance, gas, and any other items to maintain our Vintage Vehicle roadworthy. I have been told Vintage Vehicle generates over 50 million in revenue through just parts and services alone in Kansas. Please Inform your friends and family members to fill out the simple form listed at the bottom of the email. We have updated the letter and if you have sent this before, please resend the form again. 
    If anyone is interested in joining us in Topeka please let us know. 
    We still need to share the Bill Information and get the word out that a 35 year-old vehicle is all the State of Kansas needs to worry about when filing as an Antique, instead of the tires and wheels on a classic vehicle. Please click on the links below to write your State Rep. or contact them by phone.
    Click here to Send a Premade Letter to your Stare Rep. , If you have sent it before you can RESEND ANOTHER! 

    ( Donations Welcome ) We have been traveling throughout the State of Kansas to Communicate This Bill, Donations will go to Printing.

    Click here for additional information 

    Thank you State Rep. Nick Hoheisel and State Rep. Co-Sponsors for all your support! 
    Thank you

    Joshua Blick

    ***** Phone Numbers of State Reps. ******

    John Alcala           Topeka          785 296-7371           Democrat
    Mike Amyx           Lawrence         785 296-7632        Democrat
    Tory Marie Arnberger    Great Bend.   785 296-7363.    Republican
    Francis Awerkamp.    St. Marys.    785 296-6989.   Republican
    Dave Baker.    Council Grove.    785 296-6997.    Republican
    Barbara Ballard.   Lawrence.   785 296-7697.   Democrat
    John Barker.    Abilene.    785 296-7674.    Republican
    David Benson.   Overland Park.   785 296-7680.   Democrat
    Emil Bergquist.  Park City.   785-296-7681.   Republican
    Elizabeth Bishop.   Wichita.   785 296-5016.  Democrat
    Doug Blex.    Independence.   785 296-5863.   Republican
    Jesse Burris.    Mulvane.    785-296-7693.   Republican
    Tom Burroughs.    Kansas City.   785 296-8153.  Democrat
    Michael Capps.   Wichita.   785 296-7473.   Republican
    Sydney Carlin.   Manhattan.   785 296-7657.  Democrat
    Suzi Carlson.  Clay Center.   785 296-7654.   Republican
    John Carmichael.  Wichita.   785-296-7650.  Democrat
    Blake Carpenter.  Derby785-296-7567.  Republican
    Will Carpenter.   El Dorado.  785 296-7660.  Republican
    J. R. Claeys.  Salina.  785 296-7670.  Republican
    Lonnie Clark.  Junction City.   785-296-7483.   Republican
    Stephanie Clayton.  Overland Park.  785 296-7548.  Democrat
    Kenneth Collins.  Mulberry.  785 296-7698.   Republican
    Susan Concannon.    Beloit.  785 296-7644. Republican
    Ken Corbet.   Topeka.  785 296-7679.  Republican
    Tom Cox.  Shawnee.   785 296-7331.  Republican
    Chris Croft.  Overland Park.  785 296-7695.  Republican
    Pam Curtis.  Kansas City.  785-296-7430.  Democrat
    Leo Delperdang.  Wichita.  785 296-7663.  Republican
    Diana Dierks.   Salina.   785 296-7642.  Republican
    Brenda Dietrich.  Topeka.  785 296-7648.   Republican
    Owen Donohoe.   Shawnee.   785-296-7675.  Republican
    Willie Dove.  Bonner Springs.  785 296-7677.  Republican
    Ronald Ellis.   Meriden.   785 296-5623.   Republican
    John Eplee.  Atchison.  785 296-8621.  Republican
    Renee Erickson.  Wichita.   785 296-7476.   Republican
    Charlotte Esau.   Olathe.   785 296-7688.  Republican
    Blaine Finch.   Ottawa.   785 291-3500.  Republican
    Gail Finney.  Wichita.   785 296-7649.   Democrat
    Shannon Francis.  Liberal.   785-296-7466.  Republican
    David French.  Lansing.   785 296-7653.  Republican
    Stan Frownfelter.  Kansas City.   785 296-7300.  Democrat
    Randy Garber.   Sabetha.  785 296-7665.  Republican
    Jim Gartner.   Topeka.   785 296-7673.  Democrat
    Daniel Hawkins.  Wichita.   785 296-7662.  Republican
    Henry Helgerson.   Eastborough.   785-296-7668.  Democrat
    Cheryl Helmer.   Mulvane.   785 296-7691.  Republican
    Broderick Henderson.  Kansas City.  785 296-7697.  Democrat
    Dennis "Boog" Highberger. Lawrence.  785-296-7122.  Democrat
    Ron Highland.  Wamego.  785 296-7310.  Republican
    Don Hineman.  Dighton.  785 296-7384.  Republican
    Tim Hodge.  North Newton.   785 296-2361.  Democrat
    Kyle Hoffman.  Coldwater.  785 296-7643.  Republican
    Nick Hoheisel.  Wichita.  785 296-7689.  Republican
    Cindy Holscher.  Olathe.  785 296
    Annie  Topeka.  785 296-7669. Democrat
    Brenda Wichita.  785-296-7488. Republican
    Marty  Ulysses.  785 296-7641.  Republican
    Nancy  Overland Park.  785 296-7651.  Democrat
    Megan  Olathe.  785 296-7655.  Republican
    Les  McPherson.  785-296-7640.  Republican
    Leonard  LaCrosse. 785 296-7396. Republican
    J.C.  Clearwater.  785 296-1177.  Republican
    Monica    Pittsburg.  785 296-7426.  Democrat
    Cindy Shawnee.  785 296-7690. Democrat
    Joe  Neodesha.  785-296-7380. Republican
    KC  Wichita.  785 296-7684.  Democrat
    Boyd  Fowler.   785 296-7392.  Republican
    Jarrod  Merriam.  785-296-7366.  Democrat
    Stephen  Hesston.   785 296-7500.  Republican
    Bill  Washington.  785 296-7637.  Republican
    Brett  Overland Park.  785 296-5413.  Democrat
    Fred  Topeka.  785-296-7460.  Republican
    Tom  Manhattan.  785 296-7402. Republican
    Jeff  Leavenworth.  785 296-7522.  Democrat
    Jason  Hutchinson.  785-296-7645. Democrat
    Richard  Parsons.  785 296-7639.  Republican
    Ken   Agra.   785 296-7463.  Republican
    Bradley  Dodge City.  785 296-7501.  Republican
    John  Olathe.  View All Announcements
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    Feb 2020

    For those of you who attended the meeting and heard Mark Little's report on House Bill #2528, below is the inromation that he shared with how to read more on the Bill and also the link to submit a letter, I found it easiest to copy the link and then google it, the Automobilia Facebook page was difficult. The letter is very simple as it is a form letter that you can just send or edit and then send. For those of you who were not at the meeting, the Bill as originally presented was to ease the requirements on antique vehicles, it is much to involved to discuss in this note so go to the link below and read the bill.

    Mark Little spoke on Kansas Bill # 2528 the Kansas Antique Tag Law, the way he explained the current status is this is something we should be in favor of: more information at, he suggested everyone go to https;// this will allow you to send a letter to your State Representative, you can also go to the Automobilia Facebook page and click on this link (I had a difficult time finding the link and it did not work for me, it worked when I copied it and pasted it on goggle).

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    Feb 2020

    My name is Max Ayers,

    - [ ] I’m here to ask if anyone would be interested in having their car or truck in a movie to be filmed in Cowtown sometime this year. 
    - [ ] The movie is about the dalton gang that tried to rob two banks at one time in 1892 in Coffeyville Ks. 
    - [ ] What I know about the story goes....the lone survivor spends 20-30 years in prison and returns to Coffeyville to visit the scene where this all takes place. 
    - [ ] The movie is called Death Alley
    - [ ] The movie is looking for 6-10 original cars or trucks ....or be in the background of the town scene when the survivor returns 30 years later. 
    - [ ] I’m trying gather a list of names, emails, and pictures of vehicles that might be interested in having their vehicle selected to be in the movie. 
    - [ ] At this time they are looking at March 26 or 28th. They would likely be needed for 2-4 hours. Details will be provided as time gets closer.
    - [ ] What I can tell what I’ve been told about reqmts:
    - [ ] 6-10 vehicles or more
    - [ ] 1915-33 years cars or trucks
    - [ ] Original modifications visible from outside. C/b late model engines and such under hood...ok. 
    - [ ] Do not have to be restored to new
    - [ ] No one will be allowed to drive
    - [ ] If there driving needed...the owners would be asked to drive...and therefore in the movie.....
    - [ ] May be parked by owners or their designee for movie directed
    - [ ] Insurance to be provided by vehicle owner. 
    - [ ] No compensation for use....but there could be a thank you mentioned in the movie. 
    - [ ] Basically...compensation might be yours when you sell?.....or to just be able to say my car was in this movie. 
    - [ ] At this point....this is what I know...
    - [ ] I have a sign up sheet if you would like to be considered for selection. 
    - [ ] I would like to get at least 10... I’m also scheduled to talk to Other clubs as well. 
    - [ ] So if you know of other people or friends with other makes ....that might be them or have them contact me....

    Max Ayers

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    Feb 2020

    This is one of the non profit organizations we support, a number of Marauders attended last year.

    Join us for the second annual Mulvane Children's Fund Bingo Night!

    Doors open at 6, first game starts at 7. Vendors will be set up, tons of give aways, food and lots of fun! Tickets will not be available at the door!

    With your $10 ticket purchase, you will receive a book of 7 cards to play all 7 games. Tickets will also include 3 raffle tickets for a chance to win from our donators! **Children 3 and up will need a ticket to play! Additional books will be available for purchase for $5 each. Additional raffle tickets will be $1 each or 6 for $5.

    We are changing it up a little for 2020. We are only playing 7 rounds. But... we will be doing a large item for rounds 1, 3, 5 and 7! The prize table will be available for rounds 2, 4 and 6. We have already found amazing prizes for prize table and will be getting so much more!

    We have some amazing vendors that will have plenty to purchase the night of the event. We will also have tickets available to purchase to enter to win amazing prizes! Tickets will be $1 each of 6 for $5. Hot dogs, popcorn, baked goods and drinks will be available for purchase.

    All kids will be winners! We will have a prize for each child in attendance. The adult prizes will be a little fancier so we will not all
    be winners! Check back often for the reveal of other prizes!


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    Feb 2020


    -Club Dinner and White Elephant Exchange,
     club members, family and friends had great conversation and food Sunday and some neat and crazy white elephant gifts. Pictures of the dinner are on the website photo gallery, take a minute and look. Hopefully year's dinner will be bigger and better.

    -Club Meeting-this Thursday, February 20th, American Legion, 6:30.

    -LAST CLUB BREAKFAST, is Saturday, March 7st, remember we need at least 30 members to attend breakfast to keep it going. Adults $8, 6-12 $5, 5 & under FREE!! This is our last breakfast before the car season begins. 

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  • I think everyone did a good job, as usual.

    Samantha Chumney
  • Thank you for a great time today Very nice show We had a good turnout even with the rain Keep me in mind for the next year show at Kansas Star Arena Whipped Designs and Wicked Knives

    Bryan Masten
  • Looking for info/leads on anyone with a classic car who would be willing to rent their vehicle (w/ or w/o driver) for a wedding. Wedding to be held in Hillsboro, KS. Thanks, Pete Tschohl (808) 342-3493

    Pete Tschohl
  • Looking forward to the Showdown in April, & helping with the set-up for the Swap Meet.

    Richard Craft
  • Bob Moorhouse’s 57 VW was my favorite at the Century II show. Bob, please email me at

    Kent Voth